Amazing Grace

The services for little Gram were so beautiful… we are all so blessed for having her in our lives, and of course for everything that she did to keep this family going. After… Continue reading

Rest In Peace

Little Gram passed away this past Friday afternoon. She was such a wonderful, strong, smart, loving woman, and we all will miss her greatly. She lived 100 years on this earth, and i… Continue reading

Let’s Go Mets!

Just a little belated Happy Father’s Day to all of the Daddies out there! I’m always still amazed when i think about my parents being 23 with two kids, having $40.00 a week… Continue reading

Decisions ’08

Something that moved me: today on the news, it was stated (of course i can’t remember the gentleman’s name…) that the current presidential election can be paralleled to the sinking of the Titanic.… Continue reading

Movin’ On Up!

So we did the big move this weekend — i am officially moved in with Jeff at his condo in Danbury! After much lifting, working, planning, and emotions, we finally are settled 🙂… Continue reading

Getting Me Through The Day

I have a ton of words and pictures to post from the weekend in Boston, but they will have to wait since i’m stuck at work as per usual… But for now, i… Continue reading

Just a Quick Note

Congratulations to David Cook! (Oh, c’mon….we all secretly keep up with American Idol.)I loved both finalists, and obviously Brian Adams, so this performance makes me smile all day!!!Jeff and i started our Indiana… Continue reading

I’m Thankful for the Weekend, But Two Days in Heaven Just Ain’t Gonna Do… ;)

Friday night Jeff and i had a lovely date night to the Red Lobster! We love to eat – especially seafood! We actually filled ourselves up so much on appetizers and biscuits that… Continue reading

Got Canned Heat in My Heels Tonite

Last Saturday we all went to see Kerey’s senior dance recital! I’m so proud of her, can’t believe that it’s the last one we will be attending! She did so well, as always….here… Continue reading

don’t dream it’s over

So, last night was such a great time — i am very sad to say, it is the end of the school year, and this time it means a lot more of our… Continue reading