Happy Birthday!

http://www.paddingtonbear.com/ 🙂 never forget your childhood. Advertisements

Brina & Danny

Tried to squeeze in a couples session after lacrosse practice before the sun went down… it’s my second couples’ session ever so some constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated! (thought i already know… Continue reading

Look Who I Found!

Brina’s my working girl now, and has an internship at Plaid. So freakin cool. http://www.brandflakesforbreakfast.com/ Check her out, she’s the best person in the world. not even exagerating, not even a little.((More pics… Continue reading

Not Even Kidding…

This is how he sleeps….i know, i know…i’m obsessed 🙂 he just melts my heart!

Always Learning!

So i’ve been watching some sweet tutorial videos on YouTube this week about how to implement some new photoshop techniques…..makes me miss school 😦 but anyway, here’s a little sample of before and… Continue reading

Mornin’, Sunshine!

Waking up with my puppies…i love the morning light, and they love my camera 🙂 …and this is just too funny not to post. Rambo sleeping in daddy’s spot, looking like an old… Continue reading

Friday Night Lights

Some shots from my Hunny’s football game….straight out of camera, a little underexposed but that’s OK.

Our Little Model

Rambo striking a pose for Mommy 🙂

This is the Life.

Took the pups outside to catch my favorite time of day (sunlight wise)…and they apparently found the BEST grass in the world to roll around in! And this is my kind of self-portrait…… Continue reading

Moving On Up!

So, we know it’s a littttttttttle bit early, but Jeff and I started a little house-hunting 🙂 This right here is why he is sold on this house in New Fairfield….