.get to know me.


Hi! Jena here – the owner of this fabulous photography company, mother of two crazy amazing kids (and two rescue dogs), and wife of a super hot phys ed teacher.  😉

So what else is there to know? I have a Madonna style space in my teeth, I love “that’s what she said” jokes, and chocolate and coffee are two of my life necessities. I love how country music makes me want to dance around my kitchen barefoot and belt into a wooden spoon. I love it when I can’t breathe because I’ve been rolling on the floor in a fit of laughter with my son. I love my morning cup of coffee, midnight nursing sessions with our baby girl, and the moment of serenity right before I fall asleep, snuggled in between Jeff and our puppies. I am addicted to photography because I want to show every single person I meet how beautiful their life already is — especially my fellow Moms!

I have an awesome residential studio that my handy husband built for me and that is where I photograph all of my adorable little babies! As far as any other session – family portraits, maternity, engagements, or first birthdays – absolutely anything goes. I love being outdoors and exploring new areas and new possibilities. I love including the family pets, because I know what a big part they play in your life. I believe that with gorgeous light, anything is possible. Give me an alley behind a McDonalds and I will give you gorgeous portraits with no sign of where we actually are –  the challenge of thinking on my toes and using my tools creatively to surprise both the subject and the viewer with the finished result is SO MUCH FUN.

I LOVE photographing weddings that are full to the brim with pure joy. I want to be there with couples who just can’t wait to be married regardless of whatever else may happen that day. You know the bride who can’t make it down the aisle without ugly crying because she loves her fiancé so much? That’s my girl right there – because, well, that’s who I am too! I only shoot about 12 weddings a year, so I like to make sure I’m a perfect fit for each and every couple I work with. I want to be their friend, take them out for coffee, and cry like a baby during their first dance. And if they can manage to pencil in 2 hours of time for portraits? Well that just makes me love them more.

I’m a busy Mom who nine times out of ten you will find wearing either skinny jeans, a tank, and flats or better yet yoga pants with bare feet and  hoodie. My hair is always in a bun and my makeup regime includes concealer and mascara…and hopefully lip gloss if I’m lucky! My goal is to slow down life so you can soak it all in… if just for the few hours that we’re together. A few hours of pampering and un-interrupted, un-plugged time together  make for amazing portraits and fun memories. I’ll make you all run around barefoot and let your kids be kids and throw things at my head, while I make jokes about their stinky feet and tickle them until they can’t breathe. On your wedding day, I will most likely end up laying on the ground at some point to get the shot, or kicking off my shoes and climbing on the furniture or wading into a river. I’m a laid back person who thinks life is such an incredible gift, and I plan to enjoy every ounce of it that I possibly can. I can’t wait to meet you and hear all about your story!