Looking at the WHY – Maternity Portraits | CT Family Photographer

I hear this all of the time from pregnant friends, co-workers, family members, etc when ever I ask them if they’re going to have maternity portraits done:

“Ugh no way am I getting in front of the camera like this, I feel huge! What would I do with them anyways?”

Well, I’m here to tell you EXACTLY that!

That these portraits may not be meant to be blown up all over your house, but they are beyond valuable. First of all, (and no offense) but they are not really for you per say….they are for your children. You are documenting a huge moment in their lives as well as your own. Someday that baby boy or girl will be a young adult, contemplating family and wanting to know more about their own. They will dig out the album of mom’s maternity portraits from under the coffee table and study them with new eyes. They’ll gaze at your belly and be in awe that it was them inside making you “huge”…they will love how young and BEAUTIFUL you looked, and see how happy and excited you were, awaiting their arrival. They may even be lucky enough to see their older siblings as young toddlers who also seem really excited to have a new baby about to join them. These portraits are part of your legacy – becoming parents is no easy feat, and you should be so proud of yourself for going on that journey. We are never promised tomorrow, and having portraits done while pregnant is an amazing opportunity to live in the moment and put your self-conscience thoughts aside. I have so many women come in with their families or newborns, saying that they wished they had “sucked it up” and done maternity portraits, because they weren’t going to have any more children, or missed the feeling of being pregnant and wanted something to look back on and remember it by. I completely 100% feel that every woman is gorgeous, and that just doubles when they’re pregnant, but hey, I get it – I really do: I have the pregnancy mask, swollen limbs, and wider hips with lovely stretch marks as we speak. But I promised myself that I would document this pregnancy with as much excitement as I did my first, despite what I may be feeling or how I may be looking. Because it’s not about me anymore, it’s about US as a family, and every step we took along the way to get there.

My favorite things to do with those maternity portraits? That’s easy! I love to place a print in the baby’s room in a cute little frame that matches their décor. I love framing a larger portrait for our bedroom wall. I always gift one to both of our mothers, and of course make them into a coffee table book. I also have a lot of clients who combine a few of their maternity portraits with the baby’s newborn portraits into one large book or album, and I LOVE how they turn out – they show the whole journey of that baby’s story and it’s so beautiful.

And about feeling too huge for portraits? Well that’s just nonsense!!! You’re glowing and gorgeous and have awesome hair, and it’s my job to bring that out – not yours! I have clothing options right here at the studio for you to choose from, so all you have to bring is some nude underwear and a positive attitude 🙂 Plus, you can always have your hair and makeup done before we start for an amazing price. Even if you can’t afford professional portraits while pregnant (because babies are NOT cheap) make sure you still take iPhone shots, or have your mom or husband or girlfriend take some pictures of you before the ten months are over. You won’t regret it, I promise!

I am on a semi-maternity leave right now, but I am always happy to try and fit in any momma that I possibly can – I even have a mini-session option for maternity that will still include your other children, husband, even the grandparents if they want to come! Just e-mail me today for more information: jena@jalviti.com and then go put your feet up and drink a nice big glass of water 🙂

This gorgeous momma was 38 weeks pregnant with her second child – and big sister Molly got to join in on the fun! Cannot wait to meet the new baby boy or girl 🙂
Mom’s hair and makeup by the lovely Candee Caldwell
Sister’s skirt by AdoraBELLE Pettiskirts
Wraps provided by JJ Creative Designs
Sister’s headbands by Wittle Whaleys
And here are some of the other gorgeous momma’s that have come by the studio: