Upcoming Events | CT Portrait Photographer

Ahhhh – the house is surprisingly quiet as I sit here sipping my (decaf but delicious) coffee, and tackle my e-mails, editing, and to-do lists. I wanted to take a minute to go over my schedule for the rest of the year/beginning of next year as it’s rapidly approaching and this baby of ours is getting bigger every day!

I have my last wedding of 2013 tomorrow, and I can hardly believe it! I feel like yesterday I was meeting Michele and Matt in New Haven and photographing them through the snow/sleet storm making the best of the craziness that life threw at us that day šŸ˜‰ But as my wedding season comes to an end, I’m getting really excited for these next few months! I won’t be photographing or taking on weddings until next summer/fall season, as I know that I will be a selfish new mommy and will want as much time with my two babies as possible before going back into ten hour shooting days. (Plus pumping on wedding days is super stressful and awkward! haha)

I have to say a huge THANK YOU to the brides that had already booked me for next spring that I had to cancel on – they have all been so gracious and completely understanding. I was honestly afraid to tell them what was going on, but I know myself and know that I would not be in the best shape to be there on their wedding day and I want them to have someone who’s at the top of their game! So thank you thank you thank you, you are all amazing and I hope you come back to see me when you are having babies of your own!

On that note, I will still be taking a limited amount of portrait sessions per week from now until February, God willing! As long as baby and I stay nice and healthy I will be happy to work up until I physically am not capable. I will only take one to two sessions per week instead of my normal three to four, so spots are definitely a little limited – if you’re thinking of booking anything for the holidays, new year, or are having a baby that you’d like me to photograph during those months please let me know ASAP so I can get you on the calendar! Also,Ā because of the pregnancy I will not be traveling outside of my immediate area for portrait sessions. Everyone is more than welcome to pick a location in the New Fairfield/Danbury/Westchester area or also use theĀ BEAUTIFULĀ Ā studio for their sessions – long drives are not my friend right now and I know as I grow larger it will just be too uncomfortable.

So that’s basically it, just thought it was about time to let everyone know what I was planning while waiting for this baby to arrive – I am DYING to know if it’s a boy or girl (why does it feel so much harder the second time around?) but we will continue to stay in the dark and be surprised when they make their entrance in 17 short weeksĀ šŸ™‚

I also just have to say another huge THANK YOU to all of you – my supporters, friends, family, clients, and community of moms. I am beyond blessed to do what I love and be able to do it in an environment that understands and supports motherhood. My clients and fellow moms have become some of my best friends and they are always there for me to turn to in times of need, times of joy, and times of exhaustion! We give each other advice and always have each other’s backs. There are so SO many work places today especially in the US that are not kind to women in the work field who want to have children…. I know I’m starting to sound like my emotional/hormonal self right now but I truly appreciate the support from the bottom of my heart – and so does my entire family. This year has been eye-opening, tough, wonderful, and crazy all at once – and because of all of you it has been, by far, the best year to date for this little business of mine. I never would have guessed that leaving the comfort of my full time job three years ago to pursue both motherhood and photography full time would have become something so amazing and just what I was meant to be doing.

Ok, I’m gonna go wipe my tears now and end with a big I LOVE YOU ALL!