Things I Love! Pregnancy Addition :)

So every one I know has those few things in life that make their day to day world just a little happier. Maybe a little bit easier, a little bit prettier, or just a little bit joyful. Well now that I’m pregnant I have those favorites in a BIG way! I wanted to share them with you all in case anyone else in pregnancy land wanted to check them out! Also, we are holding some fabulous fall mini sessions this year complete with professional makeup for Mom (or any ladies in the family) so here’s the flyer for that:
But now onto the good stuff!
Ok so first things first: The Body Shop Body Butter. I love this stuff whether I’m pregnant or not, and this Vineyard Peach scent is just amazing. I use it on my ever growing belly and managed to make it through my first pregnancy with zero stretch marks, so here’s to hoping it can work it’s magic again! (Plus they are always having great sales on their website!)
Then my “can’t live without” bathroom products. Degree deodorant, because as my clients now know I am a sweaty German/Italian, and now that I’m pregnant I’m just always hot (at least under my arms, sorry for that information). Then we have Bobbi Brown concealer stick (amazing and lasts FOREVER), and “They’re Real” mascara from Benefit (both purchased from Sephora). Let’s face it, pregnancy is not always kind to skin (thanks hormones) and hey, if I’m gonna have acne at least my eyes will look pretty! I’ve also just started using African Black Soap for my face wash at night and I have to tell you it’s wonderful! So gentle and has all natural ingredients, definitely check that out too. After that we have my pharmacy store finds: Magic Skin Beautifuier BB Cream by L’Oreal. It comes out white and adjusts to your skin tone as you apply it. It is so light and sheer and keeps my skin even looking and matte all day! Plus hides big pores which is awesome. Then I have Age Rewind dark circle eraser by Mabeline. I’ve been using this treatment plus concealer all year and it’s a God send. Super gentle on your under eye area and gives great coverage for those sleepless nights (which are like, every night when you’re constantly getting up to pee or change positions).
Next, we’re onto my lovely cravings! Strange thing is I never bought any of these products on a normal basis before this pregnancy. Kellogs corn pops? I’m not proud, but damn are they good. Then comes Jello of any fruit flavor and OJ with pulp (yum!). I tell myself it could always be worse.
The next contraption is a new item that I cannot wait to use! A heated scarf! It is perfect for me when working outdoors (which is a lot) or being outside for nine hours while Max plays 🙂 It was a groupon find, but I’m sure you could google it!
The loveliness that is this new hair product from TIGI comes from my wonderful hair dresser, Taylor. Every time I’m pregnant my hair gets dry, brittle, and frizzy. Well you spray this stuff on after the shower, and brush it through. That’s it – you can let it air dry or blow dry, doesn’t matter – it still works! Even after one use it makes your hair soft, supple, and starts repairing the damage while also protecting your color. I love it!
Last but not least are my super-grown-up chewable pre-natal vitamins 🙂
I tend to throw up easily when pregnant, and this time around it has been way worse. So I found these gems and my doctor said “Hey, whatever works!” so we’re gonna stick with them. It helps that their sweet and you keep them in the fridge so they’re nice and cold, too.
Well I hope you all enjoyed this random peek into my life as a preggo lady, and hope you all find some new things to try out or at least have fun making fun of me 🙂