Sibling Love | CT Children’s Photographer

The awesome momma of these two cuties contacted me about doing some portraits – as we all know, toddlers are not so easy to photograph and she really wanted two things out of their time with me – close ups of their adorable faces and features, and photographs of how they interact. I love knowing ahead of time what my clients are looking for and we had such a fun time getting just that!

(Kids always love my giant light when we first start…)

Hi beautiful Avery!
..and of course, the handsome Mason 🙂
When working with age groups like this (one year old quick mover and a high energy toddler) I try to keep things as simple and flexible as possible. I go with a one light plus one reflector set up to give us the most room to move around. Plus, both of them loved my little couch so you know what? We moved it into my shooting space and they were happy campers 🙂