Jackie and Tyler, Engaged! | Kent Falls, CT | Engagement Proposal Portraits

I am SO thrilled to share these photographs with you! This past Sunday I got to be a part of something magical – an ACTUAL proposal! Tyler had contacted me a few weeks prior with this spark of an idea to somehow surprise his girlfriend with an engagement shoot – he already had the ring and was just so excited to ask her to be his wife. However, a few emails later and we had decided that it would be that much cooler if he actually proposed to her at our session! We went back and forth almost daily with new ideas, locations, and ways to fool Jackie. It was so much fun, and in the end Tyler decided to go to Kent Falls to pop the big question. Well it is normally a pretty popular place for hikers and sight see-ers, but man did we luck out – the temperatures dropped and it started to snow! Not the heavy, wet, freezing cold snow – but the light, fluffy, Christmas-eve snow. Just cold enough to keep the crowds away, but warm enough to have the beautiful falls flowing in the background and some sun peeking out every now and then. I met them at the falls and told Jackie – “Surprise! Your sweet boyfriend bought you a portrait session!” She was extremely confused and had no idea who I was, but took it all in stride and we started walking around the park having fun and taking pictures. Once I knew we were in the spot Tyler had chose, he gave me the signal and I had Jackie move closer to me leaving Tyler a few feet back. I entertained her with some random posing this way and that, and when I saw that he was ready I had to her turn around, and the rest is history. I’ve never in my life witnessed a real proposal, and I had to wipe the tears away a few times from behind the lens. To watch their faces light up was priceless, and I am so thrilled to have been a part of it.

These photographs are some of my favorite that I have ever taken. No, it may not be some super stylized big production shoot – but it was simple, and above all else REAL. This right here is why I do what I do every day. This photographs tell such a beautiful story of Jackie and Tyler, and the moment that their love became an even bigger promise. The promise of forever.

This is how adorable these guys were even before they got engaged –
So here we are, with Tyler getting down on his knee… and it was game time!

Literally jumping for joy… 🙂

I always joke that I tend to be a “full service” photographer…well I just can’t  help myself sometimes. I had to take them out for a celebratory drink!

The ever-important first phone call – to Mom and Dad of course!

Thank you both for making me a part of this momentous time in your lives – I am forever grateful and honored that you trusted me enough to be there and be a part of your love story.

Jackie, you have certainly got a wonderful guy there. Anyone who can scheme up this big of a surprise is a definite keeper 😉