Southford Falls Engagement, Arianna + Michael | CT Wedding Photographer

I have known Arianna since our days at WCSU, and I always knew she was good people. You know, those people you meet who are just genuine and kind right off the bat. No bullshit. That’s definitely something I respect and she was the real deal. We’ve kept in touch over the years and when she e-mailed me about photographing her wedding, I was beyond happy! I love being able to spend such an important day with people that I really get, and I think it benefits both the photographer and the couple when they mesh well together – their values, personalities, and passions.

I couldn’t wait to meet Michael, this mysterious man who had swept Arianna off of her feet. I was lucky enough to get the chance one day when I was out with Max at Trader Joe’s, and I immediately liked him because a) he was sweet to my son, and b) he recommended the best Feta I have ever had!

Their wedding is coming up in just a few days, and I’m so glad we got to squeeze in an engagement shoot. It took a lot of planning and re-planning, but I think it all came together at the perfect time, with the perfect location and perfect weather. These two were immediately comfortable in front of the camera, and you could tell just how happy and content they were in their own skin. It’s easy to see that this is a love not to be reckoned with – as long as I’ve known Arianna, I have never seen her light up the way she does around Michael. I have never seen her laugh so hard, or smile so wide. They just love being in the moment and in each other’s presence and it’s palpable. I am so happy for her as a friend that she has obviously found what some people spend their entire life looking for, and I cannot wait to spend their wedding day with them. This is what photography is all about for me – yes, beautiful pictures are great, but it’s the real emotion I’m after – and these two had plenty to spare.

her laugh + his smile + a setting sun…. Perfection.