It’s About That Time

…for wedding season! I am beyond excited to start off my 2012 wedding season one week from today with Rachel and Wes! All winter long I have been working on the back end of the business, honing my skills with classes, books, and lots and lots of PRACTICE. That, combined with my new camera, and the fact that an amazing eleven couples have entrusted their wedding day to me this year makes me ECSTATIC! I am so honored and thrilled and I can’t wait to get out there and do what I love for some great people 🙂

That being sai… today, oh today. Today was amazing. Today was 65 degrees and sunny with a slight wind… just enough to cool you down and make your hair flutter. Does it get any better than that? Oh right, it does – I had an engagement shoot scheduled with Jackie and Jon at their home in Newtown. They live in a beautiful, quiet part of town with lots of woods and beautiful views nearby. Plus it doesn’t hurt that they are both gorgeous, completely in love, and were up for anything! I had them climbing rocks, sitting on tree stumps, fighting off bugs, and more. I came home way too excited to do anything else but post an image for them sinc they kept telling me that they “don’t do the camera thing well”. Boy, do I love hearing that! How is it that so many people have no idea how beautiful they are? So yea….I’m gonna have to go ahead and disagree with them on that one. Meet Jackie and Jon – much more to come soon!