don’t dream it’s over

So, last night was such a great time — i am very sad to say, it is the end of the school year, and this time it means a lot more of our close knit group is graduating…..i can’t help but be a little scared at the fact that who knows the next time we’ll all be in the same room together, but at the same time i have all the faith in the world that we are going to be friends forever, as corny as that sounds. We have just been so supportive and close to each other for the last four years that i don’t doubt for a minute that i could call any one of them up and they’d be there in a minute. I can’t believe that we got every one out last night…and i mean everyone! A solid group of 20 of us, i was so happy!!! Billy Beans, of course — they love us there πŸ™‚ and my double layer funfetti cake with a TON of frosting was a big hit! I’m just so proud of everyone graduating, even those who aren’t yet….because i KNOW how hard this transition is, from college back to…well….reality. I know what they are about to go through and how hard of a time i had and still have sometimes with it. As we are all sitting around, talking, reminiscing, playing pool, or kicking back beers, i know it is in the back of all of our minds. you can see it in everyone’s eyes, the hint of sadness….the painful twinge that signifies the helplessness of things to come, of life changing. we don’t bring it up, we just smile and laugh like always. we hug and hold hands a little more than normal, and linger around the bar as long as we possibly can. But we just have to all keep that faith, that no matter where we go in life from here on out, we are still right by each other’s sides. so, with that said….CONGRATULATIONS 2008 GRADUATES!!! we are so incredibly proud — and we love you now and ALWAYS. thank you for the last four years of friendship and family. πŸ™‚

(more pictures to come…)